Explosive Facts: Fun Information About Explosives

Rock blasting service is one that people use in mining and other industries. The service causes things to go ‘boom’ before they’re ripped to shreds. It’s one of the easiest ways to remove rocks from a particular area. Before you arrange services with a professional rock blasting tennessee company, how about you learn a few fun facts about explosives?

The Explosives Invention

It was on May 7, 1867, that Alfred Nobel developed the first-ever patent for explosives. This invention revolutionized warfare and construction industries, although gunpowder was created in the ninth century, A.D. in the early 1200s.

A Dynamite Name

Dynamite was not always called dynamite. Nobel named his first invention ‘Nobel’s Blasting Powder.’ It was later changed to dynamite, a Greek word that means power.

Changing the Patent

Nobel was excited about his invention and the big plans he had for it. So much so that he wanted to prevent anyone else from using the patent. Despite his best efforts, he could not and soon many people developed their own dynamite based off of his creation and their own ideas.

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The First Bomb

It was in 1870 that dynamite was first used in a bomb. It was during the Franco-German war. It was again used in bombs during the Spanish-American war. Soon, smokeless powder was born that enhanced the dynamite invention.

Used in Many Industries

Today dynamite is still heavily used in the construction industry and in wartime production. It’s used for various purposes and is not limited to these industries alone.

Dynamite is pretty interesting, especially for individuals who love things that go boom. Should you need a demolition/blasting project, ensure you hire experts to complete the work.  Research reveals the best professionals to turn to for blasting services.

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